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3 Places to Watch the LA Marathon

The LA Marathon is back in town this weekend, so get out your signs and warm up your vocal chords because the route goes right through the Bike Share Connect system area! 

We’ve picked out 3 fun spots where you can cheer on the runners this year.

  1. Mile 13 – 14: Sunset Strip Chateau Marmont

Just about the halfway point for the marathon, the Sunset Strip is a classic LA landmark! Take some pics as the runners stride past LA’s iconic Hollywood royalty hangout. 

WeHo Pedals station at Sunset & Holloway

  1. Mile 17: Rodeo Drive
    Who hasn’t heard of Rodeo Drive? This legendary street is one of Beverly Hills’ most famous locations, filled to the brim with high-end fashion. Grab an iced latte and relax on the sidelines as the athletes run past Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and those steps Cher walks down in Clueless.

Beverly Hills Bike Share station at Wilshire & Beverly

  1. Mile 26: Finish Line

The finish line is in downtown Santa Monica on Ocean Ave, but watch out for traffic as thousands of visitors will likely be pouring in to watch the finish. Take the Expo Line and ride Breeze into DTSM.

Breeze Bike Share station at Ocean & Wilshire


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Gift One, Get One

Current Bike Share Connect members AND non-members can gift ride credits, monthly, or annual memberships to members or non-members that sign up for an account!

It’s a “GoGo” December. Gift One, Get One!

If you spread some joy to a loved one, we’ll match you!
By buying a Bike Share Connect membership (or even just ride credits starting at $5) for your friends or loved ones, we’ll give YOU the same membership package (or ride credits) for FREE.

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WeHo Pedals Resident Perk is Live and In Full Effect!

Are you a resident of the City of West Hollywood? 

If so, have we got a perk for you! How does $25 off of WeHo Pedals Bike Share sound?!

Use promo code WEHO2018LOCAL to receive a $25 ride credit applicable to ANY membership (Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly, Annual, Academic, and Bike Share For All).

You can use the code if you are a new member or a current member, use it for fees, you get access to not only WeHo Pedals but all 4 of the Bike Share Connect systems (WeHo, Santa Monica, Bev. Hills, and UCLA), and best of all the credit never expires!

Happy pedaling,

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Exercise Your Right to Vote

2018 midterm elections are Tuesday, November 6, 2018

We are helping you EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE by giving you free ride time and zero out-of-hub fees all day on November 6th!
Every single polling location within the Bike Share Connect system has been geo-fenced as a FREE drop zone. So grab a Bike Share Connect bike, stop to vote at your polling location, and bike back… all for free on November 6th.

*out-of-system fees still apply

WeHo Pedals Turns 2!!

We’re turning 2 on August 30th… big kids now! No more crawling around for us. We’ve removed our training wheels and are off and pedaling with our friends from Breeze Bike Share,  Beverly Hills Bike Share, and Bruin Bike Share. We call it Bike Share Connect and now we are stronger than ever. One membership gives access to all four systems!

Larger system area, freedom to choose any bike, same great price!

We’d like to share the birthday love with you by adding $2 riding credit to your account on August 30th, 2018 which may be used for any memberships, ride times, or fees. If you’re a member, the $$ will be added to your account on August 30th. THANKS FOR CELEBRATING WITH US and take matters into your own legs!