New Year, New YOU! Save 20% on Annual Memberships

Fast track your 2018 wellness goals with a WeHo Pedals Annual Membership!

Cycling is a great way to get in shape, and bike share makes it even easier to get going. With this offer, you’ll pay a discounted cost upfront that includes 90 minutes of daily ride time, an expansive system area, and year-round convenience.

  •  Bike share membership means you don’t have to lug a bike out of your apartment every time you want to ride (just lock up to any bike rack outside!)
  • It means you can forget the “Is-It-Safe-To-Leave-My-Bike-Here” anxieties of owning your own bike (our Smart Bikes have a built-in lock and tons of safety features – just lock it and leave it)
  • It means no maintenance costs to you (we have a team of pros who manage all of that for you)

Ready to get started? Sign up for an Annual Membership now at and apply the promo code HELLO2018 at checkout for 20% off.