NEW Employee Benefits Program


Employers – are you looking for a new way to recruit and retain the best talent? Want to encourage a healthy, active, fun work environment?

Offer your employees a WeHo Pedals bike share membership!


Introducing the Employee Benefits Program

WeHo Pedals now offers bulk pricing for employers who wish to provide the benefit of a year of bike share to their employees for as little as $19 per employee (save $80 per membership!).

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How Does It Work?

You provide bike share to your employees, and we’ll give you steep discounts.
Simply choose a tier – All Staff or Partial Staff. Then we’ll provide you with promo codes for participating employees so that they can create an account. Your employees are responsible for all fees and charges accrued beyond their daily ride time; you’re simply gifting them with an Annual Membership.

The Benefits of Bike Share

  • Decreased Absenteeism
    • People who commute by bike for 30 minutes, 5x/week, take half as many sick days as those who don’t.
  • Increased Productivity
    • Studies have shown that cycling has calming effects, makes people happier, and boosts brain power.
    • Exercising before work raises an employee’s productivity by an average of 15%
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
    • Bike share is the most environmentally friendly form of transit; for every mile pedaled rather than driven, 0.82 fewer pounds of the pollutant CO2 enters the atmosphere
    • Biking to work can also reduce transportation spending for both employer and employee, as well as commute time related to traffic and parking.
  • Attract the Next Generation of Employees
    • Millennials are more inclined to work for employers who “stress their environmental and social record”[1] – increasing your environmental impact can give Millennials a stronger incentive to join your team

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